EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras Mombasa

EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera

EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras Mombasa: Enhancing Security and Monitoring

1. Home Security: EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV cameras offer an affordable and convenient solution for home security in Mombasa. Monitor your property remotely with smartphone apps or web interfaces.

2. Baby Monitoring and Elderly Care: Keep an eye on loved ones with ease using EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, ideal for working parents in Mombasa.

3. Small Business Security: Secure entrances, inventory, and more with cost-effective EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV solutions for small businesses in Mombasa.

4. Vacation Homes: Monitor your Airbnb or rental property remotely with EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, ensuring security and maintenance between guest stays.

5. Remote Monitoring: From farms to construction sites, EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV cameras enable remote monitoring across various settings in Mombasa.

6. Wildlife Observation: Explore wildlife behavior without disturbance using EZVIZ Wi-Fi CCTV cameras in outdoor environments.

Installation Requirements:

  • EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera
  • Stable internet-enabled Wi-Fi network
  • Power socket
  • Optional: Memory card or cloud storage subscription
EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera items for installation

Which camera should I use?

That’s the next question that pops into our mind. Wi-Fi cameras have three main categories:

Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras

As the name describes, these are ideal for indoor environments. The below are all indoor pan and tilt cameras meaning you can move the camera lens via the smart phone app thus allowing you to have a 360 degree coverage. Models we recommend as per the availability are:

Ezviz TY1 camera

Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

These are weatherproof cameras built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The below models are great for outdoor use.

Wire-Free cameras

These cameras have an inbuilt-battery and can go for about 120 days on a single charge. No wiring is needed and the camera just needs a Wi-Fi connection to go live.

The model available is the:

  • Ezviz CB3 Wi-Fi camera 

It has color night vision with active defense function of Siren and Strobe light. It also has a weather-proof design for outdoor environment and can be connected with its custom solar panel to give power all year round. For detailed specifications, click on the link: https://www.ezviz.com/product/CB3/42640


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