KRA TIMS Compliant ETR and ESD devices in Mombasa

ETR Types

The deadline for KRA’s, Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS) is fast approaching and there is only 1 month to go, to be compliant as of today.

There are 4 types of ETR systems which will enable real time or near real time transmission of electronic tax invoices to KRA thus providing many benefits to the public and taxpayers.

In Mombasa, Hakimi Tech Systems and Solutions is a value added reseller for the sale of TIMS compliant devices. We deal with 3 brands namely to date:

  1. Fiscat (Type D)
  2. Incotex / Mercury (Type A)
  3. Tremol (Type a)

Below are the Type A and D models for the manufacturers above and their technical specifications comparison. Kindly contact us on 0700 055121 / 0737 935379 for pricing.


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