Epson Printer Repairs

Epson printer repairs

Epson Printer Common Faults, Troubleshooting and Repairs

Some common faults we encounter with with Epson printers and what you can do to resolve them.

Are you experiencing Poor Print Quality or Blank printouts?

If your Epson printer is producing low-quality prints (blurry, faded, or streaky), follow these steps:

      • Check the ink levels and fill the ink tank if the level is below the low level line. Remember to refill the ink before it reaches the low level marking in the ink tank to avoid air bubbles in the ink delivery system.
      • Do a Printhead Clean using the printer’s software or manually if needed. The manual way is to hold the red button for about 3 seconds and releasing the button. You will hear a noise coming from inside the printer, this means that the cleaning has started. Wait for it to finish and resume printing. If the print out is still not up to the quality you need, do another printhead clean till you get the quality you need. 
      • If the printer is printing blank printouts, then it means that air bubbles have formed inside the ink delivery system. It is our advise to consult us on this problem.

Is your printer displaying any error messages or flashing error lights?

When you encounter an error message on your Epson printer, be sure to note down the exact message and code. This information will help you troubleshoot effectively. Some may be due to paper jams but major errors include:

      • If your printer is detected as offline on your PC simply restart both your printer and your computer.
      • If the printer brings an error saying “Printer ink pad is at the end of service life”, this means that you need to replace the waste ink pad. Consult on this.
      • If you get an error saying that “You have nearly reached the end of your Maintenance box life”, this will need the maintenance box to be replaced. We sale the maintenance boxes and will provide the replacement services for you.
Epson printer repairs

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